Public Portfolio

My public portfolio is up! Check it out under the “Music/Audio Projects” tab. Listen and enjoy!
In the coming months I will have a PDF of the documentation as well.

P.S. Feel free to fill me in with what you think.

Current Project

I am currently working on a 16 song album for my band The Mulligans. All the recording is being done at Kopperhead Compositions and JB Studios. I have pumped out all the drum tracks and I just finished tracking guitars the other day. Only a few weeks left and I still have bass, vocals, horns, backing vocals, and aux percussion to finish. It’s going to be a sprint to the finish! Regardless of the time crunch, let me tell you this album is going to be tight. I hope everyone is ready for some vigilante ska tunes!

~Jake Bennett – Building Character everyday of the week.

Audio for games.

I have an extreme passion for music and my primary instrument drums. With that being said there is one other thing in life I have a strong passion for, Video Games. I absolutely love how the music, sound effects, Foley, etc (anything making sound) involved literally creates the game. Not to mention all the cool stuff audio engineers get to do with recording and post production in games. Being a part of that creative process is a dream of mine, a dream I plan to fulfill.